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All 3 are amazing! Taste great with ice! Highly recommend

Tastes just like juice!

I've really struggled with bloating from whey-based proteins, so was on the look out for an alternative. This is fully plant-based and super light (it honestly tastes like juice), and doesn't leave me bloated AT ALL! Love it.


Loved being able to try all 3 flavours, FCUS was my fave and perfect just before the gym <3 Have tried most other clear proteins and this one has been the best!

The tastiest way to hit your daily protein goals

I love this new clear protein drink. It tastes just like fruit juice but better, easy to mix and the travel packs are perfect to put in a gym bag for post sessions. I find protein whey powder so sickly so this drink is a life saver.


A brilliant protein powder, delicious alone or blended in a smoothie. So pleased to have found this!

Clear protein

Hey guys, again a massive thank you for sending me out the samples of your products. Absolutely love FCUS & RCVRY, drinking your products is like drinking juice, would highly recommend to my audience & I can’t wait to work with yourselves in the future :).

Delicious and what a buzz!!

Love this! Not only is it delicious but the added benefit of the 20g of protein is an added bonus for anyone who struggles to hit their protein intake goals. The powder dissolves so easily and the taste is not compromised.

I love these!

These are absolutely brilliant! So easy to make and the different options are amazing

Clear Protein Sample Pack
Tamsine Fieldhouse
Sample pack

I tried them all and I have to say they aren’t very nice at all. I love clear whey but these are awful. T

Clear Protein Sample Pack
Sophie Giles-Traynor
Not my favourite

I have some form of protein shake daily and wanted to try clear protein for a lower calorie option, I didn’t think this was great though. It didn’t mix very well so was very grainy, and it the flavours I tried weren’t great. It’s okay for a quick protein boost but there are better options out there.


Love using this! Always feeling stronger the day after an intense workout and ready to go again 💪🏾

Great taste, bit expensive

Nice shake and certainly more drinkable than a lot of others. It is too expensive in my opinion at £2.50 a sachet if you buy 12.

Starter pack

All 3 nutrien clear protein powders that I tried were really good, flavours are nice and i definitely slept well after the unwnd.
I will be purchasing more

Nutrein x Promixx Limited Edition Hybrid Shaker Bottle
jordan howard
Great product

So happy with my Nutrein bottle. Perfect for my gym sessions.

Fabulous product

Fast delivery and taste really good. Will definitely be ordering againg

RCVRY & Promixx Shaker Pack
Charlie Taylor

I was really impressed, the branding pulled me in but the product itself really impressed me. One of my aims is to feel healthier and stronger and I definitely beleive that it's helping me on my journey.


I rarely take time to write reviews, but really felt the need this time as these shakes are AMAZING! I purchased this starter pack as I wasn’t sure which Nutrein pack to try. I found that all of the sachets tasted great but preferred the FCUS one. I’ll definitely be re-ordering . These protein shakes really work! I’ve tried so many different brands in the past , but these are definitely by far the best. So much nutrition in each serving, and you get the free protein shaker as a bonus .


Got this as I have just started going back to gym, customer service was so helpful in helping me decide and delivery was quick!

The shakes themselves are so much better then what a normally get!

Great intro to Nutrien

For someone like me who can be quite indecisive, it's great to have the option to try different shakes. Really impressed with all of them and the shaker is great. I'll definitely be placing another order!

I love this product!

I tend to get booted from other other products, this gives me life!!


Fantastic product! I would highly recommend!

Nick Forde

This protein shake played a pivotal role in my body transformation journey, helping me build lean muscle and improve my overall fitness. With its delicious taste, I found it easy to incorporate into my daily routine, ensuring I met my protein intake goals without sacrificing flavor. Whether it was for post-workout recovery or a nutritious meal replacement, this plant-based protein shake became my go-to choice, making my body transformation journey both enjoyable and effective.

Great product! Especially love the FCUS!!

I heard about Nutrein and thought I’d try their starter pack. I just say I’m very impressed! Great taste and it actually works 👏

I didn’t get my order after email two or three times

I didn’t get my order after email two or three times

 Water based protein shake by Nutrein. Nootropic protein shakes 100% plant based and vegan

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